3rd Trimester Care Package


3rd Trimester Care Package


While mama is prepping for baby in the home stretch, she could use some TLC herself. This Care Package is the best way to give mama some love during the last stages of pregnancy. Included in the package:

  • Sleep mask to make rest a little more luxurious, even when baby is kicking away

  • Muscle massager to ease tension in lower back and legs

  • Hydrating facial mist to provide refreshment when needed

  • Cooling perineal spray to provide refreshment for other not-so-comfortable parts of the body

  • The Baby Manifesto: A workbook providing parents the opportunity to plan approaches to a wide array of facets in baby’s life (Who gets come stay during the newborn days? How will we handle holidays?)

  • Chocolate. No explanation necessary

  • And much more!

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